Parent's Worst Nightmare! Venomous Snake Found In Child's Bed
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Parent's Worst Nightmare! Venomous Snake Found In Child's Bed

If you're afraid of snakes then you may not want to look at the video below. It's sure to ruin your whole day and maybe your whole week if you're snuggled in bed. A family recently found a venomous snake in their child's bed, snuggled among the stuff animals. To make matters worse, this happened in Australia where you just know the snakes are venomous.

Apparently, the venomous snake broke in and decided to pull a real-life Goldilocks, only with more venom and fewer bears. The snake curled up on the child's bed and took itself a nap. Apparently, it was trying to blend in with the numerous stuffed animals on the bed. It makes sense from a survival stand point as animals will often camouflage themselves in nature to stay safe.

The incident happened in the town of Jimboomba. Fortunately, this story doesn't have a tragic ending. A professional catcher came to the residence to grab the snake for the family. nake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast posted online the crazy video. Worker Bryce Lockett got the honor of trying to capture the snake. He had to lean over the bed and move a stuffed animal out of the way. He then picked up the fairly big snake by its tail.

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Venomous Snake Captured

"There he is," Lockett said as the reptile tried to get free. Lockett led the animal into a net on the floor. And that's that. The catcher successfully captured the snake without any incident. Red-bellied black snakes aren't known to be aggressive, according to the Australian Museum. They typically only attack when they feel threatened. However, their bite does carry a nasty amount of venom. The venom causes swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, and muscle pain.

"Many bite victims experience only mild or negligible symptoms, however, a number also end up hospitalized," the museum stated.

In response, several people were also shocked by how calm the reptile was. One person wrote, "Pretty chill snake! Lucky it was found before the little girl gave it a scare." Another wrote, "Wow, such a chill buddy! Getting into the bag by himself and all."

However, a few were appropriately freaked out. One wrote, "I'd have to move house." Another wrote, "Well I am not moving to Jimboomba in a hurry lol."