Images via Hyundai

SoundHound and Hyundai Partner to Introduce In-Car Voice-Enabled A.I.

SoundHound and Hyundai have joined forces to introduce a new voice-recognition program on all new Hyundai and Kia vehicles.

Scheduled to be released sometime in 2019, with the goal of full connectivity by 2026, the new Hyundai voice recognition platform will be dubbed "Intelligent Personal Assistant." It will control all in-car functions.

With it, real-time information can be provided to drivers, such as search destinations and weather conditions.


The A.I. assistant will also conduct in-vehicle tasks such as open sunroofs, door locks, and set air conditioning using voice commands. The assistant service will be powered, in part, using Soundhound's Houndify, its independent A.I. solution for businesses.

"Hyundai is very focused on bringing innovation to the driving experience," said Paul Choo, Director of Vehicle IT Development Center at Hyundai Motor Group. "We believe that consumers will become increasingly savvy with the intelligent technologies available to them in the driving experience. We are on the forefront of bringing these innovations to our customers with our deep partnership with SoundHound Inc., the leader in sound recognition and voice technologies."

A 'car-to-home' service will also support home electronic devices using voice commands, similar to how Amazon's Alexa works.

Other perks include schedule, phone call, and text message management.

Look for Hyundai's Intelligent Personal Assist to make its debut at this month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Testing is expected to run through 2018 on actual roads with delivery to market by 2019.