Ex-Faraday Future Honchos Start New Mysterious EV Startup Named "Evelozcity"

Former Faraday Future CFO Stefan Krause and CTO Ulrich Kranz plan to compete against their ex-employer with a new mysterious EV startup named Evelozcity.

According to sources speaking to Electrek last December, Krause financier relationships during his tenure at the beleaguered company, also managing to pry ex-Faraday employees to join his startup.

Faraday's former head designer, an ex-Ford executive, a former Tesla engineer, and other hires have come onboard.

So far, very little is known about Evelozcity other than a cryptic Evelozcity.com website with an "Our Vision" statement splashed on the main page.

It reads: "Design, Develop, and Deliver the Most Competitive, Capable, Connected and Clean Mobility Device for the Next Generation." No insight is offered on products, timelines, team members, or other notes of substance.

Two other pages lead to a basic "Contact Us" form and a Careers page, with callouts for automotive and technical engineers, designers, CAD modelers, UX designers, and lead counsel. An "Apply" button only opens an email client addressed to [email protected] with no further details on a resume or cover letter requirements.

The page itself is rife with floating backgrounds, background map imagery, a light gray color scheme, and a large font in what can be described as mystical and minimalist.

Krause saw a well-publicized departure from Faraday Future, with conflicting reports on why he left. In a Nov. 2017 statement, Faraday Future issued a press release citing Krause's termination was due to "malfeasance and dereliction of duty" with intent to sue, providing no specificity over his alleged violations. In turn, Krause disputed the claim, claiming he left on his own accord.