Sometimes When Moose Hunting it Rains...and Rains...and Rains...

A bowhunter pursues Newfoundland moose but it rains so much that it threatens to ruin the trip of a lifetime.

Newfoundland is obviously a gorgeous country. Rugged and beautiful, it's a moose-hunting paradise. This hunter books a moose bowhunting adventure there, but constant rains menace the hunt.

This is really a great film because it speaks to the fact that nature and the weather don't always cooperate with the hunter. Sometimes the weather can cut a hunt short.

That's the case in this film, although the hunters manage to overcome the weather.

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Not all hunts occur like they're portrayed in many hunting films and videos, where the weather is clear and clement. We can all agree sometimes the weather just stinks, whether it's raining, windy, cold or wet.

However, a good hunter can also use these weather conditions to his or her advantage. If you have the proper attire that can protect you from the elements, you can still hunt successfully and even semi-comfortably.

Bad weather can dampen an animal's senses and give you an advantage. But, in this case the weather broke just long enough to enable the hunter to successfully bag a beautiful moose.

I'm betting this will be a trip he'll remember fondly for the rest of his life because of the inclement weather and the struggle they overcame took to harvest this moose.

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