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The Quest for a British Columbia Moose

British Columbia moose

This quiet and understated film captures the beauty and contemplation of a British Columbia moose hunt as a son films his father harvesting a fine bull.

This is one of those mood films. It’s the kind of film that tells a story mostly through images of the small things. It’s a film about a British Columbia moose hunt, but it’s also about the love of the outdoors.

The narration is sparse and direct. It’s narrated by the son of the hunter, and he gives us the barest of essential information, letting the images captured by his camera tell the story.

A lone candle sets the mood as the narrator tells us that his dad lit a candle when he would leave on a moose hunt. The candle reminds the young man to “soak in that moment, and respect it all.”

This film does just that. It exudes respect and love for the wilderness. From small blades of snow covered grass to close-ups of the horses that will help carry his kill, should he be fortunate enough to harvest a bull, to feeling the massive antlers beneath his rough hands.

Yes, this is a beautiful film, the kind that makes you long to be in the wild, feeling the cold, feeling the warmth of a fire, feeling the thrill of calling a British Columbia moose in to your arrow, feeling alive.

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The Quest for a British Columbia Moose