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Hauntingly Beautiful Film of Stunning, Rare White Moose

Music and image combine to make this video of a remarkable white moose one of the most sublime pieces of film you're likely to see.

There are nature videos that we bookmark to watch from time to time, simply because what they show is so magnificent. This is one of them.

This is a video where the filmmaker clearly understood that less is more. Wildlife photographer and filmmaker, Lasse Dybdahl, simply combined a series of live action shots and still photos with a soaring audio backing track, to create a mesmerizing piece of film.

It is his subject matter that makes this such a spectacular film: a regal, antlered white bull moose. Have you ever seen such a stunning creature as this?

Upon seeing this bull the natural assumption would be that his unique coloration is the result of albinism. But as his eyes appear to lack the telltale trait of pink-colored irises, it seems more likely that his lightly colored hide comes from a similar condition known as leucism.

Dybdahl chose a grand piece of music titled "Long Road Ahead" by popular royalty-free composer Kevin MacLeod. It fits perfectly with the imagery and character of the white moose.

This particular bull appears to be one that has been filmed and photographed before. In another video of the moose - if it is, in fact, the same animal - it is written:

This moose was born 2010. His mother died first winter, local farmers fed him and he survived. Today (2015), he a great bull and have [sic] antlers with 19 tags.

It's certainly not a common sight to see an animal like this in the wild. And it is easy to understand the idea that such an animal - a white buffalo, as a similar example - might be considered "sacred" by some. It's uniqueness and beauty translate to feelings of wonder and awe.

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Hauntingly Beautiful Film of Stunning, Rare White Moose