ice fishing

Sometimes It Takes a Special Kind of Stupid to Go Ice Fishing

Here's the wet aftermath from testing the ice with your truck too early in the season.

We see this every year: guys, eager to get out for a day of fishing, tempting fate by driving their vehicles out on ice that hasn't quite firmed up just yet. The result, as you'll see in this video, is a wet lesson learned.

Watch in amazement as this SUV, up to the top of the wheel wells in water, tries to get back on dry land with a little help from a mean-sounding pick up:

Now I don't know a whole lot about trucks, but it makes you wonder if any damage was done to the engine of that pick up? As for the SUV, I think it will be a while before it dries out.

I highlighted '15 Ice Fishing Fails of the Four-Wheel Variety' for Wide Open Spaces last winter, but truth be told, I could have documented hundreds. There certainly is no surplus of stupid when it comes to getting vehicles wet during ice fishing season.

Like the title says, sometimes it does take a special kind of stupid to go ice fishing. This was a prime example right here.