Why Use a Frying Pan When You Have a Shovel?

A shovel has more uses than just digging. It can also be used as a frying pan.

In the following video, David Canterbury of Self Reliance Outfitters, a division of The Pathfinder School, shows how someone in the wild can use a shovel, hot coals, oil, and a wooden spatula to cook the perfect fried egg.

Canterbury already has his campfire going, ready to go with hot coals. Beforehand, he found a forked branch on which to rest the handle. He also used another piece of wood to fashion a handmade spatula.

Is the shovel brand new from the store? Not at all. He even uses it to scoop a pile of coals in front of the forked branch, which he pounded into the ground. Canterbury wiped the ashes off, placed it on the coals then poured some oil on it, and then spread the oil around the shovel and wiped it a bit.

After the utensil gets hot, it's clean and non-stick, perfect for flipping the egg with the handmade spatula. A plank of wood serves for a plate and fingers for a fork.