Sniper Camouflage
YouTube: The U.S. Army

Sniper Camouflage Makes These U.S. Army Marksmen Tougher to Spot Than Waldo

The U.S. Army knows a thing or two about camouflage!

Many hunting companies have spent decades trying to come up with the perfect camouflage pattern. One that will essentially allow humans to completely disappear like an invisibility cloak into the wilderness. We are willing to grant that companies have come up with some extremely impressive camo patterns over the years that are good at fooling the eyes of both humans and animals.

However, it still feels like we are all amateurs in the camouflage department when we find out what our armed services are doing. Case in point is this impressive demonstration video put together by the U.S. Army's sniper school.

These guys are pros at breaking up a human outline in the forest and they prove it by putting two men in the forest and challenging the viewer to spot them before they start moving. It is quite the challenge!

We will admit we could not see them until they were asked to come out of hiding. These guys are good at what they do. It makes us wonder why the use of ghillie suits is not more common in the world of hunting. Or at least the use of suits that break up the outline and simulate foliage in a natural environment.

Being able to vanish like this makes the difficult and stressful jobs these guys have a lot easier. Snipers do not just engage in combat, they also spend a lot of time just watching, listening, and observing. It is easier to do that when you are a ghost to the enemy.

Note that these guys appeared to be wearing solid colors under the extra foliage camo. This proves that you do not need a fancy pattern to disappear in the forest. This probably also a reason why we are seeing many hunting clothing companies moving back to more open and simple patterns. For a while in the 90s, everyone was making super tight sticks and leaves patterns that could turn a little blocky at a distance if you were not careful. In short, there is a lot to learn about camo from the pros. Some of what we learned here we may even apply to our hunting blinds this season to make them even more effective!

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