Kuiu Valo

Kuiu Releases a New Universal Camo Pattern, Called Valo

The Kuiu Valo camo pattern may be the company's most versatile yet.

Kuiu, the makers of high-end hunting gear have announced a new camo pattern to their lineup that may be the most versatile the company has developed yet.

Valo is a low-contrast camo pattern that was developed to be universal. The company says it will work as well in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, as it will the woods and cornfields of the Midwest.

The idea behind this lighter-colored pattern is to take a more subtle approach to breaking up the human outline. Instead of focusing on sticks and leaves, Valo focuses on earthtones and natural, abstract shapes. There are some of what Kuiu calls "macro patterns" for minute details at close range, but even these details are incredibly subdued compared to many patterns on the market these days.

Kuiu has put some black into this color pattern for shadow detail, but it is some of the most minimal we have ever seen. The company says their research indicated that higher contrast patterns were not as efficient at concealing movements. You can hear them talk more about the complex design process and why they chose these specific colors in the video below.

By focusing on olives, tans, and yellows, Kuiu was able to make a camo pattern that helps the hunter fade into the rocks, grass and sage brush of the west. At the same time, grey and browns help a hunter fade into the skyline of a treestand by matching the branches around him or her. As you can see from the shots in the video, this pattern blends in nicely in just about any environment. We do like the idea of having one pattern that can cover any hunting scenario, especially if you like to travel out of state or even outside the country to go hunting.

Right now, Kuiu is offering this pattern in a soft shell guide jacket that is made to be a wind and water resistant outer layer. It is made of a primeflex fabric and costs $219. They are also offering Tiburon hunting pants made of polyester that are breathable and have water repelling capabilities. They cost $139.

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