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Slow Motion Footage Of The Painful M1 Garand "Thumb"

m1 garand "thumb"

Have you ever gotten a bad case of Garand thumb?

When the bolt of an M1 Garand bites, it sure leaves a mark.

Here's some slow motion footage of the M1 Garand thumb so you can feel the pain.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons has shared an interesting slow motion video shared from Reddit correspondent Oelund.

The dreaded M1 Garand "thumb" occurs when your thumb gets in the way of the bolt while its chambering a round. This happens after the enbloc clip with ammunition has been inserted into the magazine. Without proper techniques your thumb will get smashed in the chamber. Ouch is a polite version of the words that will come flying from your mouth after this happens to you.

Watch that thumb or you may be the next victim of Garand "thumb". You have been warned.

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Slow Motion Footage Of The Painful M1 Garand "Thumb"