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Is That Guy Firing a .458 Winchester Magnum M1 Garand? [VIDEO]

Would you believe this is a M1 Garand service rifle chambered for .458 Winchester Magnum?

Yes indeed, there is such a monster ready for the biggest beast on the planet.

Check out this McCann Industries converted M1 Garand that now fires the dinosaur-dropping .458 Winchester Magnum cartridge.

The classic military M1 Garand service rifle is typically chambered in the military .30/06 cartridge. What if it was rechambered into an elephant gun?

When McCann Industries converted this M1 Garand to the mighty .458 Winchester Belted Magnum, they did it right.

The heavy recoil is slowed and somewhat tamed by an excellent muzzle brake and a cylinder of mercury in the butt stock. This means you can down that mighty beast with this super caliber and not break your shoulder in the process.

This quick firing custom elephant gun can save you from claw and tooth in a hurry.

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Is That Guy Firing a .458 Winchester Magnum M1 Garand? [VIDEO]