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Slam Fire Shotgun? This One Shoots Multiple Rounds Without Releasing the Trigger

Ever heard of a slam fire shotgun? You might just have one.

Slam firing a shotgun is when you hold the trigger down and with each pump another round goes off. Crazy right? Well you might just have a gun that can do it.

Slam fire guns are no longer manufactured and then they were banned from being produced. A really interesting concept to say the least. Is it considered a fully semi-automatic pump shotgun? We will let you be the decider of that. The Ithaca Model 37 DS Police Special is the gun portrayed in this video.

He believes there is also an old Winchester model that is capable of slam firing.

Demolition Ranch starts SLAMMING and test out to see if the slam fire is actually faster than using a standard pump gun.

Slam away.

The test proves that the slam fire feature is remarkably faster than that of a standard Remington 870 pump gun based off a shot timer. It even out shot the double barrel double mag tube DP-12 shotgun.

Navy Seals actually used the Ithaca in Vietnam because of the slam fire feature as well as the ejection slot of the gun. You load and eject shells on the bottom of the gun, which lead to having a cleaner gun because debris and dirt could not enter.

A pretty cool gun feature that many people have never heard of. Maybe you even have this model of a gun and you just learned something new today.

Too cool. Maybe not real safe, but cool.

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