pro-gun celebrities
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9 Proudly Pro-Gun Celebrities You Should Know About

Hollywood often puts a bad taste in the mouths of pro-gun people, but these celebrities are pro-gun, and some might shock you.

When you think of Hollywood, some action movies and shootout scenes might come to mind. But for the most part, it comes with a fairly liberal connotation in regards to gun control.

Sure, many play parts in films that showcase shooting if it makes them a dollar, most celebrities aren't super keen on guns in real-life scenarios. But, some celebrities think differently, and that's what makes the gun community respect them so much.

See for yourself:

Which ones surprised you? We are guessing when Clint Eastwood flashed across the screen you didn't have an "Oh my!" moment. Others, however, came as a bit more of a shock.

Regardless, Brad Pitt, Chuck Norris, Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Bruce Willis, Angelina Jolie, Miranda Lambert, Kevin Sorbo and Clint Eastwood... that's some great company.

Hopefully, these celebrities can use their power and presence and speak out on the importance of firearms ownership and how it's engraved in the backbone of our country.

We're sure the anti-gun list of celebrities is a tad bit longer.