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These 8 Celebrities Make Up Our Dream Hunting Team

If you had to compile a list of 10 celebrities for your “dream hunting team,” who would you pick?

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Treat it like a fantasy sports draft, choosing your “players” based on whatever factors you like, but working to ultimately choose the best hunting team that you can. Try to keep a balance between the sexes, and don’t just go with 10 actors or 10 musicians. Instead, try to keep things versatile and fresh. Bonus points for out-of-the-box picks.

View the slideshow to see who we came up with, and feel free to share your lists in the comments.

Clint Eastwood

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“I have a very strict gun control policy,” Eastwood once said. “If there’s a gun in the room, I want to be in control of it.” Not only is Eastwood a staunch supporter of Second Amendment rights, he’s also the most iconic cowboy gunslinger in Hollywood history, with commanding roles in films like Unforgiven and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly that posit him as the perfect captain for celebrity dream hunting team. Whether he wants to hunt big game with rifles or small game with old western style revolvers, we’re up for it.

Robert De Niro

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“You talkin’ to me?” As the taxi driver, the raging bull, the young godfather, and innumerable other unforgettable roles, De Niro became an icon of intimidation and power for generations of men. He’s also a noted celebrity gun supporter, with a permit to carry a concealed weapon. We’d like him on our hunting team, if only because of the way he would calmly and coolly stare down a big buck before pulling the trigger. No, that deer would not want to be talking to De Niro.

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Ted Nugent

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What would any hunting celebrity dream team without the most outspoken celebrity deer hunter alive? Nugent is about as dedicated as they come, a loud voice in support of gun rights and an experienced hunter. He would bring seasoned skill and ability to the team – and probably a few classic one-liners as well. Heck, with Nugent on the team, we might even be able to get on TV!

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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This celebrity power couple comes as a packaged deal, and we’re lucky that they do, since both are noted gun aficionados. Jolie in particular loves to shoot, a hobby she picked up when playing the role of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider films. Legend has it that Brad even built her a six-figure (read: $400,000) shooting range at their residence in France for a wedding gift. In other words, Pitt and Jolie would not only be useful for their shooting talents, but also for giving our dream team a place to practice and prepare before heading out on hunts.

Bruce Willis

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In case our celebrity hunting dream team ever needs a bit of extra firepower, we’ll keep Bruce Willis on retainer. The guy may be 58 years old, but he’s still an action star to the tenth degree, and his turn as John McClane on the Die Hard series is the stuff of legends. Willis can serve pretty much whatever function he wants on the hunt, but we’ll be sure to include in his contract that he has to say “Yippee-Ki-Yay, mother—-er” every time he dispatches a buck.

Eva Longoria

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Longoria, best known for her television role on scandalous primetime soap opera Desperate Housewives that ran from 2004 to 2012, is a die-hard hunter. Raised up as a lover of the outdoors from a young age, Longoria has boasted about her ability to skin deer, rabbits, and other animals without breaking a sweat. She can shoot and hunt with the best of them, but we’re guessing that Longoria will be a huge asset to our dream hunting team due to her butchering and processing abilities.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

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Just in case things go bad, it would be good to have the presence of royalty on our hunting team to get out of tight spots. Prince William and Royal Princess Kate Middleton fit the bill. Like Pitt and Jolie, they’re a power couple and a package deal. They’re also a noted hunting duo and have traveled to a variety of different exotic locales to go after game. Both William and Kate have also faced the criticism of PETA without backing down from their hunting hobbies. That’s the sign of people who really love our sport, and they’re valuable assets to any celebrity hunting dream team – even if they’re arguably more valuable for the simple fact that their names will one day be preceded by “King and Queen” instead of “Prince and Princess.”

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Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence is an Academy Awards regular these days. However, while she may spend her time at the Academy Awards decked out in stunning ball gowns, we have reason to believe the 23-year-old Lawrence would be more at home in hunting gear. The actress has played numerous tough survivalist characters, from sharpshooting archer Katniss Everdeen in the popular Hunger Games saga to the teenaged Ree Dolly in Winter’s Bone, a film that had Lawrence hunting and gutting a squirrel onscreen.

Like Prince William and Princess Kate, Lawrence has drawn criticism from PETA, but has been undaunted, claiming that she would like nothing more than to buy a big house, a big dog, and a shotgun with the spoils of her success. All of those assets – as well as Lawrence’s vibrant personality – would make her a killer addition to any hunting team, but we’d most like to see if her bowhunting skills are as good as they are portrayed on screen.

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