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The DP-12 Shotgun: A Double Barrel, Pump Action Beauty

The DP-12 gives you side-by-side shotgun reliability, with pump action, tube-fed capability.

Side-by-side shotguns are not new to the shooting realm. They’ve been used in numerous patrols while moving important items back and forth from town to town in the late 19th and early 20th Century.

What the DP-12 shotgun gives you is side-by-side shooting reliability while also helping to expand your cartridge count to a total of 14 rounds. Considering that most shotguns only carry two – eight rounds this is a great addition to anyone carrying his rifle.

The DP-12 shotgun is capable of using 12 gauge slugs, allowing you to deliver some very heavy muzzle energy in a tactical shotgun design. The DP-12 comes with two serrated breach style shotgun muzzle breaks, which allow you to break glass easily and also to bite into wood structures so that the shotgun will not slide as you deploy your munitions into the intended target.

The DP-12 has a front grip that allows you to pump both tubes at the same time. In practicality, when you reload one tube, you also reload the second. The cartridges are fed into the chamber towards the rear of the shotgun platform. The bullpup design allows the shotgun to be shoulder fired and still allows you to have a full length barrel. The buttstock of the rifle has two internal springs to help absorb recoil.

Disassembly and re-assembly was not featured in this video. Hopefully the engineers were able to showcase an easy-to-takedown platform for tactical settings.

The top side of the DP-12 comes with standard picatinny rail settings and allows you to add any type of holographic or red dot critical optic systems.

Since the DP-12 is shooting birdshot and buckshot rounds, it would be best to utilize a laser that can project a shot pattern image on an intended target.

This platform can hold 16 rounds total when it has two in the chamber. This shotgun would not be allowed in states that restrict certain tube or magazine capacity rifles. While it seems awesome and fun, make sure to check your local laws before considering a purchase of the DP-12.

Stay vigilant and keep training.


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The DP-12 Shotgun: A Double Barrel, Pump Action Beauty