True Velocity

Sierra Bullets, True Velocity Unveil Competition-Grade Composite-Cased Ammunition

The shooting industry has never seen composite-cased ammunition like this before.

Every year at SHOT Show, there are a handful of booths that make passerby tilt their heads like curious dogs.

In an industry saturated with innovation and technological advances, it's hard to get stumped by a unique idea. When it happens, though, it's usually a sign of a revolutionary product.

This year at SHOT Show 2020, Sierra Bullets and True Velocity introduced the first-ever competition-grade line of composite-cased ammunition.

The True Velocity booth showcased rows of cartridges with white casings, and hosted a consistent line of people wanting a closer look. I assumed we were all looking for an answer to the same question: Are these any different than composite-cased ammunition of the past?

An up-close look and an in-depth overview proved fruitful, as no cartridge with a composite case has ever boasted statistics like these.

In fact, these cartridges are putting up numbers unsurpassed by brass-cased match-grade cartridges, as they're capable of sub-MOA accuracy at extended ranges and single-digit standard deviation in muzzle velocity.

The concept benefits every kind of a shooter, as military personnel get the luxury of carrying less weight and hunters get the enjoy improved long-range accuracy.

Featuring a precision formed primer pocket and a burr-free flash hole in a steel alloy head, the True Velocity case boasts more strength and safety than your typical brass head case design.

The composite neck and body of the case also allow for excellent wall thickness uniformity, as well as precisely aligned features with minimal runout.

Thanks to the composite, engineers can control the internal geometry of the case, meaning they can tweak the powder chamber to get optimal internal ballistics.

With better burn efficiency, the ammo requires 10 percent less propellant, which results in less barrel wear over time and less recoil with each shot.

Boxes will hit the shelves sometime in 2020, and will initially come in .308 Winchester with Sierra's 168- and 175-grain MatchKing and Tipped MatchKing bullets, as well as 6.5 Creedmoor with a 142-grain MatchKing bullet.