shed hunting
YouTube: Hushin

Shed Hunting Adventure Has Its Ups and Downs... Like Sliding Down a Mountain

The Hushin crew find a few, but more importantly they make some great memories.

Some friends from Hushin get together in Utah to do a little shed hunting in the snow covered mountains. They find some impressive elk antlers and a nice mule deer dead head, but better than that is the opportunity for them to all get together and share the adventure.

A little snow cover did initially dampen their shed finding prospects a little, but they also took good advantage of the snow, as you'll see.

Watch the video below:

Eric Chesser, Chad Mendes, Ryan Carter, Brain McElrea and Bridget Fabel split up to cover ground, and Mendez and Fabel are the lucky ones in their first outing. But eventually everyone finds something, and several of the antlers they discover are real beauties. 

One of the more enjoyable moments of this trip was watching everyone slalom down a steep, snow-covered mountainside on their butts. That's sort of thing is what endears the Hushin videos to their followers, these impromptu moments and the casual nature of their in-the-field films.

But this video also shows some pretty rugged country, with hillsides that are thickly covered in almost impenetrable scrub brush. These friends really earned their finds on this trip.

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