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Service Dog Practices Training as He Gets His Caricature Drawn at Disneyland

Yahoo the service dog is the Internet's most patient sensation.

When yellow Lab service-dog-in-training Yahoo went on an outing to Disneyland, he didn't know how famous he would become.

Yahoo was caught on camera by some passersby as he posed for a caricature. The couple sent the photo to their daughter, who appropriately spazzed at the adorableness. Their daughter, Katie, tweeted the photo, and it has since gone viral.

The pooch's human volunteer took Yahoo to Disneyland along with another service dog for training purposes. The California attraction is full of distractions, an excellent place for the dogs to practice focus.

The caricature was a way for Yahoo to put his patience to the test. And he certainly passed the test. On a surfboard, of course.

Service animals, therapy dogs, emotional support animals, hearing dogs, guide dogs, seeing eye dogs, and even companion animals must perform tasks in public places that are full of distractions. Many of these dogs mentioned often help people with post-traumatic stress disorder, hearing impairments, mental disabilities (or mental illness), physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities and mobility assistance issues.

Dog owners that train or own service dogs are always looking for places they can spend time at like Disneyland to help with specific tasks required of their assistance animal.

Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are a common breed used as assistance dogs. You can see this breed frequently wearing service dog vests.

We won't even mention fake service dogs here as we have a great article we wrote on that topic!

Service dogs usually go through one to two years of extensive training, which includes putting them in highly-stimulating situations to ensure they learn to be calm at all times.