How About a Semi-Automatic Grenade Launcher?

Semi-auto grenade launcher, explosions, and the Gunny. Sounds like a good recipe for Kirsten Joy's latest video.

Grenade! Everybody loves grenades, including the Gunny. But there are usually two separate groups you can fall into when talking about these awesome balls of explosives.

One group is the one I belong to: people whose only experience with grenades comes from video games like James Bond, Call of Duty, and Halo. Realistic, no, but enough to know they are super cool and effective. The other group, of course, consists of military servicemen and woman who have been specially trained and taught on all the actual ins and outs of grenades and anything that will launch them.

Most people fall into one of those categories, and there will be some in between. No matter where you're at, though, you are guaranteed to love this video.

Pro Shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss shoots grenades alongside R Lee Ermey "The Gunny" and teaches us about the M32A1 multi-shot grenade launcher - along with a huge explosion of course.

Semi-autos are fun enough in themselves, but when you start slinging grenades out of them it opens a whole other world of opportunities.

A really cool weapon with a lot of great features. Ambidextrous safety, adjustable north and south stock, and a semi-automatic mechanism makes this many branches of military's weapon of choice.

Makes you want to head out and lob a grenade down range, or two, or three or however many times you can pull the trigger.

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