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See All the Fish a Snorkeler Can Find in a River

Sometimes you feel like there may not be a single fish in the whole river, but take a look at just how many fish a snorkeler can find.

When it comes to dating, you often hear the phrase 'there's plenty of fish in the sea', but when it comes to fishing, that phrase doesn't always seem to hold true. There are days where you don't see any signs of fish and wonder if there are even any in the water at all. But, if you had a little underwater help, you'd probably be amazing at just how many fish a snorkeler can find in the same river you can't even manage to get a bite in.

See what we mean? If you just get underwater and become one with nature and one with the river there are all kinds of fish for your enjoyment. Just because they don't buy into the trap you are setting doesn't mean they are not there; it more than likely just means that you need to step up your fishing game.

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