Magnificent Seven
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This Clip of Chris Pratt Fishing During "The Magnificent Seven" is... Magnificent

This clip of Chris Pratt, taken during the filming of "The Magnificent Seven," gives us a hint of just how fun it would be to work with him.

We've known for a while just how much of an outdoorsman Chris Pratt is. He continues to be a great ambassador for the outdoors, both as a hunter and fisherman, and is not only looked up to by kids, but also by wilderness lovers all around the world. One of the biggest reasons he is able to maintain this reputation is because of how he always manages to find some time to fit the outdoors into whatever his current project is.

The caption that Pratt posted along with the video clip only makes it that much better. "Teach a man to fish, he might get obsessed like me and spend his whole paycheck at Cabela's..."

It's hard to say what's more impressive: the bass Pratt caught, or the fact that he probably manages to fit more fishing into his busy schedule than most of us fit into ours.

Either way... well done, Chris!

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