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Using Tactacam to Find Fish [VIDEO]

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Using the Tactacam can change the way you find fish forever.

Tactacam adventure cameras have been marketed mostly for hunting purposes. They are sold with gun and bow mounts, making them ideal for self-capturing your hunts on video. Tactacams are 100% waterproof, but it seems that they were made that way primarily for all weather hunting purposes but can they be used for fishing? The team at Bullets & Broadheads decided to test the waterproof capabilities and try out the Tactacam as a fish finder, check out the video below to see what they recorded.

While you obviously need more than one test to declare that the Tactacam is the greatest new fishing tool available it sure does seem to work well in this South Texas river.

One major downside to using a Tactacam to find fish is that it appears you have to have a separate device to view the captured video. This can be a computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone, but those tend to be not so waterproof pieces of equipment that would also have to be on the boat with you.

If you are just doing some scouting for good fishing spots though, the Tactacam could make a world of difference.

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Using Tactacam to Find Fish [VIDEO]