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Secretariat's Exercise Rider Needs Your Help to Battle Lung Cancer

Secretariat's exercise rider has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is relying on a GoFundMe campaign to help him afford treatments.

If you know anything at all about horse racing, then you know the name Secretariat. In fact, you probably still know about Secretariat even if you don't know a thing about racing.

This big red Thoroughbred swept the 1973 Triple Crown, but he's perhaps best known for his stunning Belmont Stakes run in which he literally left the field more than 30 lengths behind him.

Secretariat died in 1989, but his exercise rider is still here - and he needs your help.

Charlie Davis spent his lifetime working with Thoroughbred racehorses. He got on his first Thoroughbred when he was just 10 years old, then went on to exercising racehorses once he was old enough. Davis served as Secretariat's exercise rider, helping the champion racehorse along in his path to glory. Davis continues to make trips all over the country to participate in events honoring Secretariat. He also makes a brief appearance in the 2010 film, Secretariat. 

Davis, who is now 77, was recently diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. He'll immediately begin chemotherapy and radiation treatments, which will result in huge medical bills. Medicare only pays a portion of Davis' bills, and his Social Security benefits are just enough to cover the cost of living. Additionally, Davis will be unable to travel to make public appearances, which have previously been his main source of income.


In order to generate the funds that Davis will need to pay for his treatments, his daughter has created a GoFundMe campaign. Though the page has only been in operation for a few days, it's already well on its way to achieving its $12,000 goal.

If you want to help out Davis, you can click here to donate. Also, as an added incentive, Davis "will be sending a hand-signed photograph of himself aboard Secretariat to anyone donating more than $25." How cool is that!

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