Old Buck
YouTube: The Deer Society

Hunter Gets Incredible Second Chance on Massive, 7.5-Year-Old Whitetail

Some of the most memorable hunts are the deer we have the most history with.

While many hunters want to shoot the largest buck in the woods, there is something to be said for harvesting a buck based entirely on age. Because once bucks get over 5.5 years of age, they become incredibly hard to kill. Most end up dying due to natural causes because they are so talented at avoiding hunters.

Some of these older deer make for the best stories because they end up being the deer hunters have the most history with. Such is the case with a massive buck the Deer Society's Ryan and Jeremy have named "Mass Bridges."

This big buck has made it to the ripe old age of 7.5 years old. His rack has topped out and the guys are doubtful he'll make it through another winter. Thus begins the quest to try and take him down before another season ends. This hunt has tons of ups and downs before its ultimate, satisfying conclusion.

Do you believe in second chances? You may think you blew your only chance at that big buck, but this hunt proves with a little grit and determination, good things can happen. The boys were lucky that first shot with the bow was non-lethal. In fact, it hardly affected the buck at all! It just goes to show how tough these animals really are.

When Ryan got a second chance at this deer, he made it count. You could tell this deer meant a lot to him due to the subdued, somber reaction to it finally being over. There is no way you cannot get attached to a buck you have this much history with. There is a huge amount of relief there, especially after wounding the deer just weeks earlier. Deer this old rarely make a mistake like that twice.

The good news is Mass Bridges lived a full life and went down quickly with minimal suffering. Talk about a cool, gnarly rack too! We are guessing this buck's antlers will have a treasured place on Ryan's wall for years to come.

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