Double Drop Tine Buck
YouTube: The Lindsey Way

Bowhunter Smokes Old, Double Drop Tined Georgia Buck With Perfect Shot

The hunt for this double drop tined buck was a multi-year quest.

For most hunters, there are few things more satisfying than harvesting a buck that you have years of history with. The more trail camera photos, sheds and close encounters you have with a deer, the more special the animal becomes. The downside to having years of history with a deer is that the lifespans for these animals are relatively short.

If you don't get that buck on the ground by five or six years old, your odds of getting him at all aren't great. Because the older they get, the wiser they get. It becomes increasingly hard to fool them.

That's the case with a cool, old Georgia buck nicknamed "Mr. Mumbles" that David Lindsey is after. This deer has two distinctive drop tines, one off either side, that make him stand out in a crowd. Coming into this season, the buck is a stunning 9.5 years old, making the old forest warrior a true challenge to outsmart!

You could cut the tension in this bowhunt with a knife as Mr. Mumbles slowly sauntered his way into bow range. Especially after it looked like he was going to leave the area earlier in the hunt. As nerve wracking as watching that buck must have been, it did give David ample time to compose himself for the shot. He ended up nailing a perfect heart shot. It's always great to see that mule kick and know you nailed it.

It's awesome that they have so many sheds off this buck showing the general progression of his antlers. From the comments on the video, the hunters say the buck's general frame got smaller the older he got, but the buck added tons of character in his old age too. Culminating of course in the two double drops you saw here.

Shooting this buck at 9.5 years old was a great call no matter his antler size. It's unlikely he had more than a season or two left in him. Whitetails over 10 years old are exceedingly rare no matter where you go in the United States. This buck has long since left his mark on the herd and we're sure they'll be seeing his genetics for years in South Georgia. Congrats on an awesome buck and an amazing season David!

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