Scent Crusher

Scent Crusher is the Oprah Winfrey of the 2019 ATA Show

The company that always makes waves, Scent Crusher, is less than six hours into the 2019 ATA Show and has given away over $75,000 in gear.

The ATA Show is one of the big outdoor shows not open to the public that many hunters wish they could attend. It's only available to the Archery Trade Association members, or in other words, those involved in the hunting industry.

Here, deals are made, innovation and new products are revealed, and Dan Drake of Scent Crusher becomes Oprah Winfrey.

Watch below as Dan Drake and the Scent Crusher crew get real generous with the crowd less than six hours into Day 1 of the 2019 ATA Show.

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"You get a bag! You get a bag! Everyone gets free shirts, hats, and Scent Crusher Ozone Gos! The Drurys are here, Mark and Terry Drury are here!"

Okay, so maybe it didn't sound exactly like that, but you would be amazed at how many people in the industry surround this booth every year!

Actually, it's always worth seeing what they're up to, and those who partner with Scent Crusher usually make an appearance throughout the three-day event. This year's soiree in Louisville looks to be no different.

Here is what we found out:

Scent Crusher is giving away over $250,000 in free gear, including over $75,000 in gear and $1,000 in cash each day of the show. On January 11th, 2019, Mark and Terry Drury are announcing a special giveaway at the Scent Crusher booth, and it is said to be their biggest giveaway in 30 years going to one single fan!

Scent Crusher has been on the leading end of innovation in the hunting industry as a company that provides products that kill the bacteria that causes odor. Through the use of ozone, Scent Crusher has become a staple for many hunters across the nation. It leaves their gear scent free, and plenty have caught on by now.

Hunters know it's impossible to beat a whitetail deer's nose, but they've come to learn they have better odds using the power of ozone. In a way, it helps explain the rush at the booth.

You can follow along with the Scent Crusher Facebook page, and we'll be sure to fill you in on their new generation bags and scent elimination sprays that are causing quite a buzz.

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