Tree Stand Buddy Acquires Skyline Safety System

Honoring their dedication to a safer, easier way to hang a lock on treestand, Tree Stand Buddy made a smart move in acquiring Skyline Safety System.

New York outdoor company Tree Stand Buddy recently made the acquisition of Skyline Safety System, resulting in a practical combination of skills, assets, and product technology.

The official launch of what's being referred to as "The Ladder Stand Buddy" will take place the week of Jan. 10, 2019.

The nine-year-old company has set a goal of helping produce the safest, easiest, and fastest way to hang a lock on treestand, and this will only push that objective farther.

Watch how the Skyline Safety System's aluminum arms wrap around and attach to the tree, giving you a serious grip and added security.

"We are excited about this product, it really changes the game when it comes to setting up ladder stands," said Nick Sampson, Director of Operations at Tree Stand Buddy. The partnership and resulting products will advance their strategies in an attempt to please everyone across the spectrum, including dealers, worried spouses, and of course, hunters.

The Skyline System is made of high strength and lightweight aluminum, heavy duty ratchet straps, a durable powder-coated finish, and has a capacity of 300 pounds. All this in a piece of equipment that only weighs 4.85 pounds. Pretty impressive if you ask us.

The Skyline Safety System will be sold without an included treestand, but should be compatible with most every stand with its universal mount kit. It's said to be easy to remove and switched for use on other stands as well.

Pete Brown, who designed the patents and products behind Skyline, looked at the acquisition as an opportunity to share his experience and accomplish what he originally set out to do.

"Coming together on this deal is exactly what I was looking for when I designed and patented this product," Brown said. "Tree Stand Buddy has been a name that is known for safety, and this product firs perfectly with their other lines.

Once the Ladder Stand Buddy is launched, you'll be able to view and purchase here. If that link doesn't work, check out