Norway Hunting
YouTube: Savage Accuracy

Savage Arms Hunts the Gorgeous Vistas of Norway


Norway is a dream hunting destination.

In a way, hunting can almost work as a universal language. No matter what part of the world they are from, outdoorsmen and women everywhere understand the connection with nature one forges when they head into the wilderness in pursuit of wild game.

Recently, Savage Arms, Hornady, Leupold, Polaris and more teamed up to make this short film about hunting in Norway that should give you a little taste of what it's like to hunt this far northern country.

You may not be able to understand what they're saying, but as you'll see from the captions, they are words that will resonate with any hunter no matter where you're from or what game you pursue.


We can easily relate to Irene and Thomas' words here despite the language barrier. The thrill of the hunt, the beauty of nature and the feelings of accomplishment are what keep us coming back to the woods year after year. Those words resonate even more knowing that humans have been hunting Norway for tens of thousands of years. Prehistoric hunters first hunted and fished there as early as 10,000 B.C. and plenty of others also hunted throughout the bronze and iron ages.

Norway is home to a plethora of game species. Animals like moose, red deer, caribou, and roe deer are among the big game species one can pursue. For waterfowlers and bird hunters, there are seemingly endless opportunities at a variety of ducks, geese, quail, grouse, pheasants and more. Norway is a large country, but it's only home to about five million people, which means that you can easily get away from it all in the wilderness with little effort.

As you saw in this video, who wouldn't want to add this country to their hunting bucket list? The challenging terrain, the variety of game animals and the breathtaking landscapes all make it a sportsman and woman's paradise.  We know we'll be adding it to our bucket list now!

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