Archery Elk Hunting Gets a Little Tougher When You're an Arrow Short

In this cool video, we get to follow along with two hunters as they embark on an archery elk hunt in Idaho.

If you've always wanted to conduct an archery elk hunt in the backcountry of Idaho, then this video from Outdoors Allie is right up your alley.

It shows all sides of the experience, from the epic hikes, to the beautiful scenery, to the opportunities (or lack thereof) that you can realistically expect. What's extra special about it is that these two hunters are just ordinary people. They aren't on some exclusive list that gets them access to pristine private lands with abundant game species.

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These two elk hunters are doing it the way you and I would do it, and sharing the journey with all of us. It's some of the better hunting content that's available for free these days.

As would be expected, elk hunting on public land isn't full of close encounters, bugling from all sides, or genuine hunting opportunities every time you turn around. The success rate isn't astronomical, and obtaining an over-the-counter (OTC) elk tag shouldn't necessarily come with dreams of trophy bulls.

Instead, there are moments when archery hunters need to improvise, entertain yourself, and stay motivated. Allie does that with her attempt at a treed grouse, but her arrow shot is low as she loses one from her quiver. That's going to admittedly make things a little tougher on any bowhunter, but Allie takes it in stride.

Archery elk hunting isn't supposed to be easy, and Outdoors Allie depicts that truth wholeheartedly.

Whether you're battling hunting pressure from other tag holders, opting for an inopportune period of the hunting season, a bowhunting harvest of a bull elk is something to be proud of.

Here's hoping Allie encountered what she was seeking and capitalized when the time was right.