Badlands Hunting Gear
Badlands Hunting Gear

Badlands Hunting Gear: The Brand Bringing New Tech to the Outdoor World

Badlands Hunting Gear is greeting outdoorsmen everywhere with some of the best new hunting gear that there is in the sporting world.

When we first heard about Badlands Hunting Gear, we were attracted to the wide range of esteemed hunting packs that they created for outdoorsmen and women. But if you thought that was all that they sold you'd be far from right.

Between camo apparel, optics accessories, base layers, hoodies, neck gaiters, hydration gear, bibs and even sleeping bags, the team over at has more than made their mark on the outdoor gear industry.

Still, Badlands backpacks are what earn the initial spotlight. They're some of the most unique, high-quality daypacks anywhere out there, and hunters everywhere have proven they agree through the company's fast rise in overall visibility and business success.

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It's a result they've worked for, thanks to a devotion to quality products, customer service, and community building.

In fact, Badlands swears " sweat the small stuff, so you sweat a little less. To put a big weight on our shoulders, so your load is a little easier. We swear to always be unconditional. Unmistakable. And a little bit crazy about everything you're crazy about. So what's that mean? It means our gear is so well-built, we can cover it by our legendary Unconditional Lifetime Warranty... Besides, we love it when our customers use and abuse our gear. That's how we learn to make our products even better."

Badlands Camouflage Patterns

The Approach and Approach FX camo patterns have helped put Badlands on the map, and it was no accident. They were developed after countless amounts of time and energy went into testing and retesting. The construction and color palettes help the patterns achieve a hard-to-obtain goal for other camo styles: they're adaptable to a variety of terrain, light conditions, and seasons.

Badlands Hunting Clothing

Badlands apparel includes jackets, bibs, base layers, mid-layers, pants, vests, hoodies, hats, shirts, and gloves in their lineup. They have everything that you need for hot, warm, cold, or freezing conditions and they don't mind telling you to beat it up a little just so they know how well the stuff is working.

Their collections include some of the most popular, and honestly the most important gear and apparel for hunters everywhere: Whitetail deer, big game, wild turkey, upland, and the unique Vario system. Let's take a look at a sample of some of their best selling and highest rated products.

Badlands Venture Jacket

With features like a brimmed hood, cuff closures, and a chin guard, this makes those long, freezing cold and wet days easier to justify in the stand. The Venture has a deep chest pocket with an included rangefinder lanyard and compression sleeves that won't interfere with a hunter's bowstring when the moment of truth arrives.

Badlands Algus Pants

These popular hunting pants comes in all sizes because Badlands understands that not every hunter is shaped the same, and pants seem to be where fitting problems arise. Since these are designed for when you hunt in hotter, more humid weather, i.e. when you can get a little swampy "down there," the Antimicrobial Silvadur that it is made with helps to keep your scent locked down by using scent-proofing materials.

Badlands Backpacks

As many hunters who own a Badlands pack will tell you, it may well be the best thing that they sell. These beasts of the backpacking world have been seriously well-received and come with a reputation to match. Their famous Allite Super Magnesium frame can carry a huge load, including a rifle or a bow, and it has a hip-belt pistol holder and is even hydration pack compatible.

Badlands says that, "It's been 25 years since the birth of our first 2200 Pack, and a lot has changed. One thing hasn't: this pack is still at the cutting edge of load-carrying perfection. Every year, we make improvements, to reduce weight, enhance balance and mobility, and just plain make it a shiz-ton better."

Maybe they can reinvent the wheel next!

These items are just a few of their best sellers, and they all come with great reviews. This is not to say that one or two folks bought one and liked it, but with hundreds and hundreds of five-star reviews there can be no doubting the quality of the gear. It seems like it lasts, even if you don't go back and re-read the part about how they will fix it, no matter what.

Badlands Accessories

The Badlands approach to accessories is simply: "we think every piece of gear deserves the full Badlands treatment. Whether it's gloves you'll take on a hunt, or a mug for your morning joe, if it doesn't give 100 percent, we don't offer it."

Their UL (Ultralight) Bow Sling is a great representation of their smart, no B.S. style to designing and making good gear.

Their Bonfire Neck Gaiter is simply one of the best, easiest fitting neck covers out there, combined with the fact that it gives you the extra warmth and comfort on really cold days. It's adorned in the Approach camo pattern and lined with the softest, warmest fleece they could get their hands on.

A new beanie in the Approach FX camo pattern is snug fitting with a low profile, water resistant, and lined with ultra-warm, ultra-soft fleece that protects the hunter's head and ears from even the most bitter cold temperatures. Worn together, the Beanie and Gaiter are a match made in hunting heaven.

Their unique new Bow Boot is exceptionally notable. Since the last thing that you need while walking to the stand with your bow is to trip, fall, and bust up that expensive piece of equipment, this simple and highly rated accessory can allay those fears. To prevent this nightmare, clip the Bow Boot to any Badlands pack, slip your bow in, tighten the straps and walk with know fear, hands free.

The Last Word

Badlands Hunting Gear is replete with all of the necessities of your hunting exploits including bino cases, scope covers, rangefinders, fanny packs, leggings, rain covers and other archery gear, and new lifestyle products such as t-shirts.

Badlands gear comes with their legendary Unconditional Lifetime Warranty, and they're serious about it. Their hunting clothes and gear incorporates some of the best camouflage, fabrics, fabric reinforcements, waterproof technology, temperature regulation, and scent control management in the business. They even offer sleeping bags and tents!

With the progress that they've made, Badlands is going to keep taking the industry further and further.

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