Bathing Suits Not Required! Beach Party Held for 400 Sausage Dogs

Yes! You read this right. About 400 dachshunds gathered on a beach for a group walk.  As the proud pet parent of two Dachshunds, I can tell you first hand that they like to party! These lucky sausage dog owners from across England met in Southwold in Suffolk for the fifth staging of the event. The walk was organized to benefit a charity that supports dogs with a spinal disease called intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). This disease affects one in four dachshunds.

This is not their first rodeo either, the organizers have been hosting an annual event since 2014. They raised $2,600 (in U.S. dollars) for the charity supporting IVDD! It also marked an attempt to beat the world record for the most sausage dogs gathered on a beach. According to The Epoch Times, 600 gathered on the beach in 2018 and they broke the existing world record! I'm not sure if this event broke another world record but I love that they tried!

Organizer Laura Baggott told the BBC,

"It's just a beach party for sausage dogs."

It sounds like a lot more than just that! Doxie lovers spoil their four-legged friends more than most!

Dachshund owners know there are many names for their dogs including wiener dog, hot dog, and sausage dogs! Any doxie owner knows that this is a funny breed that comes in many shapes and sizes. As mentioned in this story you have to very careful as they are predisposed to a spinal condition known as IVDD. The organizer Laura Baggott has a doxie that was diagnosed so this charity is near and dear to her and why she sets up these meetups.

We love dachshunds!

BBC's official video goes into detail about the event.

Have you seen this many doxies anywhere before? What about ten at the park! It's hilarious, please leave us a comment below. 

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