Deer vs Bull
Facebook Screenshot: Hunter Weber

Rutted-Up Illinois Whitetail Tries to Fight Unamused Bull

This Illinois buck was rutted up enough to start fighting livestock!

Every hunter knows the rut severely inhibits the behaviors and common sense of many deer, especially the bucks that are all fired up on testosterone. When the mood strikes them right and they are extremely aggressive, they are ready to fight just about anyone and anything.

Even if that "thing" is a large bull that outweighs it by hundreds of pounds. This video was shared on social media by Hunter Weber and was shot in Illinois.

Evidentially, no one ever told this buck to never mess with a bull, because you'll get the horns! That is, if this bull had horns.

Well, there you have it. Proof that a rutted-up whitetail buck will try to fight just about anything if the mood strikes them. Even if their opponent is much larger and stronger than they are. The video's description says this encounter took place somewhere in central Illinois. That part of the state is full of agriculture and prime whitetail deer habitat.

Of course, it was probably lucky for this buck that this bull had no horns. He was also lucky that the bull did not seem to be in an angry mood. If anything, this bull seemed more amused that this tiny deer thought he could take this behemoth example of livestock on in a real fight. We're honestly surprised the bull backed down in this instance. We're sure that had the bull wanted, he could have easily killed this deer without a second thought.

As a side note, that is one big bull to dwarf a full-grown whitetail like that. We're sure the farmer would not have been pleased if that buck happened to poke an eye out of his prized bull. It could have easily happened the way the bull lowered his head.

This is not the first time we've seen a whitetail take on livestock. Several years ago, a large buck took on and completely thrashed a ram in a battle in a Texas high fence ranch. It all serves as a great reminder to give rutting bucks a wide berth this time of year.

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