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Ram Challenges a Big Buck and Pays the Price

deer and ram
YouTube: Hunting Product Guru

Watch this intense video of a ram that receives a healthy dose of humility.

Some hunters were recently fortunate enough to film an amazing encounter on a Texas ranch when they captured a full-curl ram trying to battle a big buck.

As you can see, the fight for dominance didn't end too well for the bighorn sheep.

Watch the video below:

We've got to thank Hunting Product Guru for sharing and posting this video, it's definitely one of the best we've seen this year!

We've all seen film of bucks and sheep going at it with members of their own species during the rut, but this battle is unusual.

I guess when hormone levels elevate, it doesn't really matter who you're confronting, any male of any species will do.

The buck responds to the attack with confident force and quickly makes the ram regret his decision, practically lifting him into the air before driving the sheep into the ground.

It's an incredible display of strength and dominance, and the ram quickly decides that retreat is the better part of valor as he hightails it out of there with the buck in hot pursuit.

All the hunter filming the incredible incident can utter is, "What the hell? Dude..." That seems about right!

This encounter between the two monarchs was captured at the Tierra de Dios whitetail ranch in Cuero, Texas.

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Ram Challenges a Big Buck and Pays the Price