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Russian Security Cam Footage Shows Pack of Wolves Charging Police on the Highway

This cop was inches from finding himself in a bad situation.

Typically when you see a traffic stop on the side of the highway, your first instinct is to move at least a lane away from the stopped vehicles. Obviously, this is for the police officer's safety, as well as his or her peace of mind, as trying to work while automobiles speed by you is undoubtedly unnerving.

The only thing that's more unsettling than cars zooming by you at high speeds is a pack of wolves coming right at you.

In the following clip, we see a cop narrowly escape from a wolf pack in southern Russia.

Watch the video below:

The first I want to know is whether or not that person got a ticket! Since he or she let the officer dive into the back seat in a desperate escape from more than a dozen wolves, surely he let them go with a warning, right?

Either way, it's refreshing seeing this person help save an officer's life in the midst of getting a ticket.

It would be easy for someone in a rash of frustration to deny the officer's request, but this clip proves there are still good people out there.

Do you think this is a common occurrence in Russia? I feel like an American cop would have a hard time wrapping his or her head around what was happening, yet this guy knew instantly that he had to act quickly.

Here's to that cop living to protect and serve another day, and also to that driver hopefully getting out of a ticket!

Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know!



Russian Security Cam Footage Shows Pack of Wolves Charging Police on the Highway