Ott DeFoe
YouTube: Mossy Oak

Ott DeFoe and His Son Try for a Turkey

Professional angler Ott Defoe and his son didn't get just one gobbler, but two!

Nothing is more nostalgic than a father introducing his son to the outdoors. Since their origins, hunting and fishing traditions live through a lineage of outdoorsmen and women who pass their knowledge down from one generation to the next.

This ceremonial right of passage is one all of us can relate to, as the majority of us found our passion for the outdoors during those early mornings on the lake or in the woods with a parent.

Those younger years still define us as we became stewards of the land, and we still draw on them when reflecting on our growth as sportsmen and women.

Here we see 2019 Bassmaster Classic champion Ott DeFoe and his son, Parker, hit the woods of Tennessee in search of Parker's first-ever longbeard.

Watch the video below:

If it wasn't awesome enough that Ott got to see his son shoot his first turkey, how great do you think it felt for the two of them to get a double together?

Even though you'd probably expect a bass pro to take his son bass fishing, he sure seemed well-versed in turkey hunting, too, didn't he?

His calling was enough to present Parker with the shot, and his own shot was true enough to put double the meat in the freezer.

Additionally, while we all can call back to our own father-son nostalgia when watching this video, very few of us had an outdoors professional to show us the ropes. So, it probably goes without saying that young Parker here is going to learn a lot about the outdoors throughout his childhood.

Congrats to both Ott and Parker on an amazing, successful hunt, and here's to our traditions being passed down to the generations that follow us.