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Pro Angler Lands Trophy Fish While Standing on Kayak

A kayak can be a very practical way to go fishing, but it has its drawbacks, too. The light weight and narrow shape of a sit-on-top kayak come at the cost of limited stability.

You can get just about anywhere, regardless of tight spaces or shallow water. But standing isn't typically an option like it would be on a full-size boat.

Pro angler Igor Azevedo apparently prefers the best of both worlds, though, as he's perfected the art of balancing on his Hobie kayak. And, not only can the kayak angler stand up without any issues, he's able to do it while landing fish, and big fish at that.

Watch the clip below to see for yourself:

As you can see, this wasn't just a big bass or walleye, this was a fully grown wels catfish. These fish can easily grow more than 7 feet long, and well over 140 pounds.

The world record was 8.7 feet and weighed a modest 280 pounds. While Azevedo's wels catfish in the video above wasn't that big, I doubt the world record holder could maintain this kind of balance while kayak fishing.

Hobies have become the standard for kayak fishermen over the years, and perhaps this display of stability is a good indication of why.

These fishing kayaks feature a sit-on-top setup, the ability to paddle or pedal drive with your feet. They also feature rod holders for your fishing rods and plenty of room for the rest of your fishing gear.

Have you ever caught a fish while trying to stand on a kayak?