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YouTube: NBC2 News

Florida Man Dives Into Fish Tank at Bass Pro Shops Store

This wasn't the first time someone had attempted this, as it was part of the Internet's "Bass Pro Challenge."

Video footage captured a man jumping into the fish tank at a Bass Pro Shops store in the Gulf Coast Town Center near Fort Myers, Florida.

While it's difficult to identify the man or determine when the video was taken, viewers can clearly see a shirtless man climbing up the stairs and taking a dive into the topless aquarium.

Bass Pro Shops stores across the country have faced similar issues, too, as a recent Internet craze has summoned dare devils to participate in the challenge and post videos to various social media platforms.

Watch the video below:

Local news outlet NBC2 did attempt to obtain a report from the Lee County Sheriff's Office, but it's still unclear what kind of charges these stunts will carry.

However, Bass Pro Shops did release a statement warning others from attempting the challenge.

"This incident is illegal, dangerous and highly discouraged," the statement reads. "We work with law enforcement to investigate all individuals who personally attempt of are involved with such activities."

Even though it's hard not to laugh at the absurdity of such a stunt, it's important to remember how dangerous jumping in one of the aquariums can be.

The glass walls distort the dimensions of the tank, therefore giving people a false sense of depth.

In fact, a Colorado teen even hit his or her head on the rocks, according to the report from NBC2.

Additionally, a poor jump could damage the tank putting all the fish—or even fellow customers—at great risk should a wall break and spill water into the store.

Funny or not, participating in the online fad is foolish and dangerous, so do your local Bass Pro Shops store a favor and refrain.