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The "Running of the Bulldogs" Gave New Meaning to Terror

Most of us have heard of the Running of the Bulls, but what about the Running of the Bulldogs?

This classic GEICO commercial features a new take on the Running of the Bulls where instead of bulls, a pack of "vicious" English Bulldogs run after people through the city streets.

Check out the car insurance commercial that debuted during Super Bowl LI and has nothing to do with car insurance whatsoever...

Geico TV Commercial: Running of the Bulldogs

When one of the men trips and falls to the ground, he faces imminent danger and must fend for himself as these blood-thirsty English Bulldogs come rushing around the corner. Unlike in the annual Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain where falling to the ground results in getting trampled on by an animal with an average weight of 2,400 pounds, in the Running of the Bulldogs, falling to the ground results in dog kisses and a good licking. Oh, the horror!

Luckily, the man survived the dog kisses with little to no physical injury and lives to tell the story of his heroic run.

The Martin Agency is behind the advertising agency that is sure to be a hit with dog lovers.

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This article was originally published September 19, 2017.

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