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The Best Rubber Hunting Boots For Staying Warm and Dry

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Nothing beats being in the woods on a frosty morning in pursuit of deer or waterfowl. It is nearly impossible to avoid getting your feet wet if you live in an area with a lot of swamps or standing water. It happens to me every year hunting whitetails here in the low-laying swamps of southwest Michigan. You cannot just slap on an ordinary pair of hunting boots and hope for the best in a scenario like that — you need the best rubber hunting boots. Once your feet are wet, it's going to cause your core temperature to drop. When that happens, the rest of your body gets cold, hurting your chances of bagging your limit of birds or dropping that monster swamp buck.

This is where a quality pair of waterproof rubber hunting boots come into play. The technology has advanced quite a bit in the last few years, with new insulation materials and cushier footbeds that make an ordinarily uncomfortable pair of rubber boots a vital hunting gear for anyone who hunts in wet environments. Today's high-quality offerings are a far cry from the uninsulated, thin, and prone to leakage boots your father and grandfather used to use on their hunting expeditions. Today's scent-free rubber options also help you vanish into the forest and hide from the sensitive noses of big game animals like never before. Look at some of the best rubber hunting boots on the market today. These boots will change the way you hunt this season for the better.

1. The Best Option for Whitetail Hunters

Thorogood Infinity FD Rubber Boots - Amazon, $203+

We'll start with an option for serious hunters, especially whitetail hunters concerned about scent control. The Infinity FD boots use a scent-free rubber and are packed with 1600 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation. This type of insulation is one of the warmest insulation out there. It usually works well, even if it gets wet. However, that's not likely to happen, thanks to these boots' thick midsole and outsole. These are of a pull-on style, but they include a calf gusset to assure they stay secure to your leg and won't pull off your feet while walking through incredibly thick muck. These insulated rubber boots are available in a Realtree Timber Camo pattern. There is also a non-insulated version available for hunters in warmer climates. These boots aren't cheap. They start at around $220. However, they are consistently highly rated by users for how they perform for hunters.

2. Another Great Option for Deer Hunters

LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro - LaCrosse, $260.00

These boots are a newer variant of the Burly boot we mention below. The big difference here is these boots are geared more toward deer hunting enthusiasts due to their scent control properties and insulation built for full days sitting on a treestand. Depending on the model, prices range between $180 and $330, but LaCrosse offers a variant for just about every hunter. These boots feature an embossed liner to increase air circulation and dry them out quicker. They are made with rubber and Neoprene, with the rubber being hand-laid over the Neoprene core. LaCrosse also added extra rubber layers in the toes and heel to increase the life of the boots.

Meanwhile, the EVA midsole offers excellent comfort, and the tread pattern is perfect for muddy conditions on many Midwestern hunts. LaCrosse also offers a side zip model to make the boots easier to put on and remove. They also provide the Alphaburly Pro with varying insulation levels and multiple camo patterns to match your hunting clothing.

3. The Best for Duck & Deer Hunting

Rocky Pro Sport Rubber Insulated Boot - Amazon, $145.00

The Rocky name has established itself as one of the most reliable outdoor boot manufacturers. We like the Sport Pro Rubber for duck and deer hunting in more northern climates. These boots pack 1200 grams of 3M Thinsulate ultra insulation. These waterproof hunting boots are made from a combination of leather with a rubber sole and a 5mm neoprene shaft. They feature a cushy removable insole and an EVA midsole. There's also a nylon shank for extra arch support. Rocky makes a few different variants of this boot, so you can find one to suit your hunting area and style. For instance, there's a snake boot option that offers 16 inches of protection from venomous serpents. There's also a women's option with the same features as the men's boots. Camo patterns include Realtree Edge and Mossy Oak Break Up Country. The price is about $145, making it a solid middle-priced option for hunters looking for quality without breaking the bank.

4. The Best for Hunting in Warmer Climates

LaCrosse Burly - LaCrosse, $130.00

Simplicity with a little bit of warmth for those frostier mornings. That's what the LaCrosse Burly delivers. We like this option for southern hunters who don't need to worry as much about cold weather. At the same time, these boots don't skimp on keeping feet dry in the swamps and bogs of your favorite hunting spot. These feet feature foam insulation and are made from LaCrosse's ZXT rubber. It's strong stuff that's heavily resistant to leaks. We also dig the EVA footbed and the all-terrain slip-resistant tread. LaCrosse has been making this boot model since 1963, and it has repeatedly proven itself in the field. There is also an uninsulated model called the Grange if you don't need the additional warmth.

5. The Best Option for Freezing Temperatures

Muck Boot Company Woody Arctic Ice - Cabela's, $219.00

When you need an extreme pair of boots for intense hunting, the Woody Arctic Ice should do the trick. These boots are built for temperatures ranging from -60 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. That makes these boots a great option for hunters who regularly hunt in the snow and cold. We like these boots for ice fishing activities in later winter too. The Vibram arctic grip all-terrain outsole does an excellent job in icy conditions.

Meanwhile, your feet are kept dry and warm thanks to an antimicrobial footbed with moisture-wicking properties. The boot is lined with 8mm Neoprene and fleece to keep your toes toasty warm on the frostiest mornings. If you were looking for a pair of rubber boots that can double as winter boots, these are it. They start at around $180, which is expensive, but these are boots you can use all winter for whatever nature throws at you.

6. A Hunting Boot With a Customizable Fit

Mud Trek Boots - Irish Setter, $189.00+

Two things make the Mudtrek an excellent choice for hunters who want something specific out of their new hunting boots. The first is that Irish Setter offers two distinct fits. One is a slimmer athletic fit for more mobility, and the other is a complete fit with a wider opening that makes it easier to take them on and off. The other thing we like is how the company made these unisex with listed equivalents for men's and women's sizes. Finally, women don't need to hunt for the closest match, and they can find a fitting boot, just like the men's version. These boots are made from 7mm Neoprene and feature a comfy Polyurethane footbed. The outsoles are very nice on these, too. They grip nicely on incredibly mushy, messy mud. Irish Setter offers five different insulation options and snakebite protection on one model. There's a lot to like with the Mudtreks. They start at around $60 and range as high as $220.

7. A Budget-Friendly Option

Northside Shoshone Falls - Amazon, $64.95

We like what Northside offers for the hunter who wants simplicity and affordability. These 16-inch boots cost less than $70. At the same time, they feature a nice leather and synthetic construction. The lining is fully insulated. A seam-sealed construction on the boot's interior offers excellent moisture-wicking capabilities. At the same time, an EVA insole helps cushion your feet. I also just like the treads on the outsoles of what Northside makes. I've been wearing a pair of their boots for the last couple of hunting seasons, and they strike an impressive balance between durability and affordability. They're a company that has flown under the radar for their footwear, but I can see it becoming more popular as word gets out about their offerings.

8. An Affordable & Sustainable Option

Kamik Icebreaker - Amazon, $72.00

These boots are an excellent option for anyone who wants something simple without spending over $100. The Kamik Icebreakers are $72. They include a removable 8mm thermal guard liner that is rated to temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit. One unique feature of these boots is an adjustable nylon collar that will help keep slush, debris, and snow out of your boots. We also appreciate that Kamik is mindful of sustainability and makes many parts of its boots from recycled products. It makes us feel a little bit better about investing in a product when we know the company loves our outdoor spaces as much as we do.

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