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Robinson Outdoor Products, ScentBlocker's Parent Company, Files for Bankruptcy

The parent company of ScentBlocker has filed for bankruptcy. 

Robinson Outdoor Products has filed for Chapter 11 Reorganization, and says they are working hard to fight through the current situation. This is according to the Minnesota Bankruptcy Court, on March 28th.

Robinson is the parent company of the scent control hunting clothing company ScentBlocker.

ScentBlocker has been a major player in the hunting clothing market for many years but the tides may be shifting.\

In a statement sent to Wide Open Spaces, a Robinson spokesperson said "The outdoor industry in general, and particularly the hunting apparel market, are experiencing difficult times. For a few years now Big Box Retailers have focused on home brands vs national brands such as ourselves. Note the difficulties Gander Mountain and Cabela's are having, perhaps as a result of some of those choices. In addition, we have experienced two near-record warm falls in a row in 2015 and 2016."

The law suit was rooted around the Trinity Technology claims, which stated the technology absorbs "up to 40% more than carbon and up to 200% more than Zeolite."

The suit stated:

"A Michigan federal jury on Thursday concluded that Robinson Outdoor Products falsely advertised that its scent control hunting apparel absorbed more odor than products made by rival ALS Enterprises Inc. in violation of the federal Lanham Act, rewarding the latter $3.8 million in damages and lost profits."

However, on Jan 30, 2017, the judge in the case overturned the jury award as a matter of law, stating that Robinson did not falsely advertise their Trinity technology, that their ads were literally true, and that ALS failed to prove any harm from ROP advertising. In overturning the verdict, the court declined to impose any financial damage award against Scentblocker.

The litigation brought by ALS and the expense required to fight the charges had a great impact on Robinson's financial situation; however, the company is doing everything it can to work through this roadblock and continue to offer its brands to its many loyal customers.

The future of ScentBlocker is uncertain at the time. However, Scott Schultz, president of Robinson Outdoor Products, has helped launch a new direct-to-consumer clothing brand. We will be closely following this story as more information begins to unfold!