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ScentLok Wins Lawsuit in Federal Court Case Against ScentBlocker's False Advertising

ScentLok wins federal lawsuit for ScentBlocker falsely advertising. 

A seven member jury in Michigan found Robinson Outdoor Products, the makers of ScentBlocker, are liable for making false advertising statements about its Trinity hunting apparel.

On May 19, 2016, the jury found that Robinson's false advertising was willful.

Pat Hylant Jr., President and CEO of ScentLok technologies stated, "today's announcement was a victory for our hunting community. I am proud of my small but dedicated team for consulting to build or business in the face of Robinson's false advertising.

ScentBlocker began selling Trinity hunting apparel and launched an a complete national advertising campaign. The ad campaign argued carbon was obsolete and Trinity  absorbed up to 40 percent more odor than carbon and up to 200 percent more odor than zeolite.

Dick's Sporting Goods

The jury found that 40/200 performance claim, and advertising campaign was false. The jury found that ScentBlocker's false advertising were willful and dated back to 2012.

"We are happy to focus all of our energy on producing what we believe is the best clothing in the hunting industry," Hylant stated. "Our team is continually innovating and with this behind us, we are now able to focus all of our efforts on developing the next generation of products for our consumers."

Read the full ScentLok press release.

What are your thoughts about this lawsuit? ScentLok and ScentBlocker are two of the biggest players in scent control clothing, but will this lawsuit change the landscape of scent control clothing?


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ScentLok Wins Lawsuit in Federal Court Case Against ScentBlocker's False Advertising