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Sporting Goods Store Drops ScentBlocker Amid Gospel Card Controversy


After ScentBlocker chose to include a gospel card with each garment, one sporting goods store refused to continue selling the clothes.

ScentBlocker, a premier company within the outdoor industry, has found itself the subject of controversy. While the brand is known for serving the most dedicated and skillful hunters in the world, a major sporting goods store recently refused to market any ScentBlocker products. 

Scott Shultz, President and CEO of Robinson Outdoor Products, offered testimony regarding the decision:

Last summer, a buyer from Dick’s Sporting Goods, whom we knew well, called to ask our sales people if they were familiar with the gospel card that is found in a ScentBlocker jacket pocket.

Eventually the call came to me. The question was, “please tell us that these cards are not in all ScentBlocker garments in all of the Dick’s Sporting Goods stores?”

I verified that they were and that we received innumerable positive responses from customers appreciating our courage to state our beliefs.

Dick’s asked if these cards could be removed and I indicated that was not a realistic option. I felt as those cards are part of our ministry to our customers and they should not be removed.

The gospel card included with select Scentblocker garments.

Later, I was informed that the card was a big problem at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and they had decided to completely eliminate ScentBlocker from their floor assortment for 2016.

Ironically, Under Armour produced a garment that had a printed shoulder patch with the listing of “God, Guns and Liberty” and Dick’s Sporting Goods sold that garment.

Also, one the biggest superstars in the NBA, Steph Curry, used to hand write Phil 4:13 “I can do all things” [thru Christ who strengthens me] on the side of his basketball shoes. Under Armour commercialized those shoes because they were so popular and Dick’s Sporting Goods continues to sell the shoes like crazy.

Over the years consumers have expressed great appreciation for the little card. I believe if hunters, sportsmen and women knew this injustice, it would be similar to the Chick-fil-A deal when good people rose up to support a company that was threatened for their Christian values.

This move has dealt a major financial blow to the ScentBlocker family. Do you agree with DSG’s decision to discontinue ScentBlocker products in their stores?

A big thanks goes to Robinson Outdoors, along with Brad Clay at Final Descent Outdoors, for their assistance.

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Sporting Goods Store Drops ScentBlocker Amid Gospel Card Controversy