River the Black Lab Is a Hero for Saving Her Family from Fire

"River doesn't stop moving."

River the Black Lab has energy to spare but that constant alertness is what saved her and her family from a deadly house fire.

On Sunday morning at 2 a.m., the Beaudreau family woke to River anxiously barking and nudging them while they slept. They couldn't figure out why River had so much energy at such an odd time.

"I'm thinking, 'What a pain in the butt. What's wrong with you dog?'" Laura Beaudreau told 5 On Your Side.

Laura let the dog outside and gave her some food, but River would not quit. Finally, they let River lead them to the garage where a deadly fire had broken out.

Listen to the family tell the story:

River is a hero to the family of five, who got out of the burning house just in time, thanks to the dog. As they watched their home burn, all they could do is be grateful that everyone was out and safe.

"River is a hero. She was sent like a guardian angel," Laura said. "She saved our lives."

Pets can help in disastrous situations due to their keen senses and instinct. If your pet is acting strangely in the home, whether that be your cat, dog, horse, bird, or reptile, it is best to investigate wherever they might be avoiding. There could be a deadly gas leak that you cannot smell, or something more sinister like a fire.


If you need to evacuate quickly, it is smart to have an emergency kit, complete with pet necessities, ready to go near the door or garage. To check out what we put in our disaster kits, click here. For fire safety tips, check out what the AKC has to say.

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