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Security Camera Captures Priceless Final Video of Dog and Owner's Daily Ritual

Dogs leave our sides sooner than any of us would like, but they give so much to us in a short amount of time. Lessons we learn from our pups and the love of our floofs stay with us forever. When our beloved four-legged friends pass, all we have left are the memories we made together and the pictures we take. (Because we all know pet parents take a ton!) Sometimes, though, pictures are not enough. That's where videos come in. One dog parent's Ring camera captured a few very special moments between him and his pup right before she passed away.


This @ring video will be cherished forever. Its our last selfie together and the only behind the scenes video I have of our selfies. Love that pup??#ringvideo #doberman #rubydooby_do #petsoftiktok #dobermann

? Memories - Maroon 5

Ruby's TikTok account, @rubydoody_do, is filled with videos of her and her owner. He used the platform to change the way people view Doberman pinschers. Ruby and her owner always used to take selfies together in the doorway of their home, but they weren't always caught on camera. They decided to take one more selfie on the steps in front of their door, and the Ring camera picked up the whole thing. Sadly, Ruby died four days later—and this was their last selfie together. "The pain of not having her is still with us, but seeing that beautiful smile definitely helps with the pain," her owner wrote on TikTok.

Ruby was adored by her TikTok family, and many fans were devastated by the news that she had passed. One fan wrote, "Omg. I had no idea she was gone! The world is less without her! I've dreamed about a Doberman like her since I helped my neighbor take care of theirs."

Another recognized how hard it is to share memories with others after your dog passes. "Respect how you're showing this..she is so missed," they wrote. Ruby's dog dad replied, "This brings up both sad and happy emotions... but I'm so happy to have it. The pure joy she has makes me so happy."

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