outdoor edge game processor kit

We Review the Super-Handy Outdoor Edge Game Processor Kit

The great folks at Outdoor Edge sent the Game Processor Kit to review.

This package has everything you need to process your next game animal harvest.

I was eager to take a look at the Outdoor Edge Game Processor Kit and see what it can do.

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Those of us who hunt big game know that an old worn out hunting knife is just not up to the task anymore. There are specific tools that can do specific jobs almost effortlessly, and it's worth increasing your collection. Stepping up to the Outdoor Edge Game Processor Kit makes sense for hunters who do a fair amount of processing themselves.

The Game Processor Kit is a well-thought out and constructed 12-piece portable butcher set. Here's what the kit includes:

  • 3" Caping Knife
  • 4.25" Gut Hook Skinner Knife
  • 5.5" Boning/Fillet Knife
  • 8" Butcher Knife
  • Game Shears
  • Tungsten Carbide V-Sharpener
  • Carving Fork
  • Game Cleaning Gloves
  • 10" Wood/Bone Saw
  • Ribcage Spreader
  • Cutting Board
  • Hard Side Carry Case

The tools in this kit are 420 Stainless Steel and have ergonomic TPR handles for a positive comfortable non-slip grip. They're built for long life and housed in a no-drama, easy to clean plastic case that keeps everything organized and the blade edges protected.

Organization and transportation are easy, too. The tools all lock securely in place, and there is nothing rattling around like you might expect.

So how sharp are the blades? I always give knives the paper cutting test first. These passed with flying colors.

Then I grabbed the Gut Hook Skinner Knife and tested it out on my arm hairs. Oh yes, it shaved a patch off quite easily, much to the chagrin of my wife. She really appreciates when I work with blades, as my arms look like I have mange due to so much knife sharpness testing.

How well does this set work on game animals? Here in Ohio this is the offseason, but there are many chores to be done. Preparing choice cuts of last season's venison was a breeze with this kit. I also toted it outdoors to the chicken coop to take care of an ill tempered rooster.

The beauty of the kit is the fact that everything was in one place. The dispatching cut to the rooster's neck was quick and deep with the caping knife. Dressing the rooster for future chicken soup was also quite easy. The game shears cut the rooster's neck off in one clean motion. The handy cutting board is a work spot of choice, and is something often overlooked.

The sharpener touched up the edges when everything was cleaned up. I'd say the Outdoor Edge Game Processor Kit is certainly ready for deer season this fall. 

In summary, I am very thoroughly impressed with the Outdoor Edge Game Processor Kit. It will easily process everything from fish to big game in one easy-to-transport package. Check out Outdoor Edge's website and see all the exciting products they offer that will certainly make your game cleaning easier and much more enjoyable.