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How to Quickly Field Dress Your Wild Hog

field dress your wild hog

So your wild hog is down for the count now what?

Well, it's time to dress and get that pork out of the field.

The guys from HogZombies share their quick and easy way to quickly field dress your wild hog.

Master HogZombie Glenn Guess has killed large quantities of wild hogs. He also knows the quickest and most productive ways to get that great meat out of the field.

This very informative video shared to us by HogZombies shows us what to do when that fine wild hog is down for good. With a very sharp knife, our friend Glenn gets to work on dressing out this hog, which he can accomplish in under five minutes. Now that is quite impressive to say the very least.

We want to thank Glenn and all the other straight shooters at HogZombies for sharing these great videos. May your hog harvests be many and plump.


How to Quickly Field Dress Your Wild Hog