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Remington Says "Big Green" Ammunition is Back on Store Shelves

Remington says they are finally starting to catch up with demand.

Firearms owners have all felt the frustration of the last fifteen months or so when it comes to ammo supplies. Back in April, Remington announced they had just re-opened their ammunition plant in Arkansas and were running operations 24/7 to try and meet the demand.

Now, the company says they are starting to see signs of the shortage coming to an end. They just released a new video showing some of the locations where they are starting to see the shelves fill up again as they proudly proclaim once again "Big green" is back.

Hear Remington President Jason Vanderbrink speak about the latest news on the ammo front in the video below.

"While we still have a lot of work ahead of us, there's a lot of empty shelves in the market and we know that," Vanderbrink said. He is also the president of Federal Ammunition. Vanderbrink has continually tried to address the issue. He has noted previously Remington and Federal have gotten hate mail and have even had people show up at the factories trying to find ammo.

Here at Wide Open Spaces, we have heard mixed messages on ammo availability from consumers around the country. In some areas, people are reporting there is no shortage at all. In other areas, we have heard people say the shelves are completely bare. Here in southwest Michigan, I did purchase 9mm roughly a month ago. It was the first time I had seen that in at least 14 months. Handgun ammo is still extremely hard to find, and most of the shelves have been empty when I have checked.

The good news is that rifle ammo seems to be back here. The last few stores I visited have had full shelves of just about any caliber one could want. The only exception seems to be .22 long rifle. People still seem to be buying up the bulk packs as soon as they hit store shelves.

Vanderbrink and several other ammo company Presidents have blamed the shortage on a combination of factors. Some of it was due to a shortage of raw materials. Another factor was the uncertainty of a worldwide pandemic. Gun sales surged as the virus took a turn for the worse and ammo manufacturers were caught unprepared to meet the demand.

At least it seems some cracks in the shortage are finally starting to form. We simply hope that most of the shelves will be full again by the time the fall hunting seasons roll around. Keep it here at Wide Open Spaces for the latest news on the shortage from the manufacturers as it arrives.

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