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Canned Reindeer Meat for Sale on Amazon

Is this reindeer meat a gag gift or actually what you're eating for Christmas dinner?

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Apparently some adventurous online shoppers are setting their sights for eating Rudolph's mom, not Bambi's mom, for Christmas dinner this year. There's some "canned reindeer meat" available on Amazon, but we aren't so sure it's the real thing. Some Amazon reviewers are claiming it's a tuna-like fish, and pretty horrible-tasting.

Kidding aside, most hunters are against letting any game meat go to waste, and that's including reindeer meat (which can be really tasty if it's actually harvested ethically and prepared correctly). This, whatever it is, does not represent what actual smoked meat from an ungulate, or hoofed animal from the deer family, can taste like. It might actually truly be reindeer meat, but we are disappointed in the presentation.

And we're perplexed by the comments and photos, because some folks are actually into it!

Smoked reindeer may or may not be the perfect side dish for Christmas dinner, but if you're buying this, just beware it may not deliver what it promises.

Instead, we suggest you cook up some of that venison you've got in the freezer yourself.

Canned Edible Reindeer Meat

Indian Valley says their Alaskan reindeer is just a click away. If it's in-stock, you can have this on the dinner table just in time for your favorite holiday.

To make the matter even more confusing, one customer gave it five-stars and said,

"Reindeer is an old world species and "True Alaska" would put caribou in this can instead. Caribou are gross and parasite infected wild animals while reindeer are the domesticated cattle of the far north. To not risk illness and because it tastes so good, I am fine with it being reindeer."

There's also Indian Valley jerky and sausage available, which might not seem so risky.

Newport Jerky Company Reindeer Meat Gift Pack Sampler (7 Pack) Reindeer Jerky, Reindeer Sausage and Canned Reindeer

  • Made in the United States

Want to go all out for Christmas? Get your favorite hunter a gift pack. so they can try different variations of reindeer meat. Maybe that reindeer sausage will taste good with some cheese and crackers? You never know.

One customer said, "I bought this product as a requested gift for my son and he liked it very much, not only for its novelty but for the flavor of the items also. He really enjoyed it very much."