canned skunk

Canned Skunk is the Perfect Side Dish for Christmas Dinner

Why go out and look for fresh skunk when you can have a good ol' bowl of canned skunk?

Forget deer season! Everyone is going on and on about how they're about to make tasty venison steak, stew, and sausage. You can keep your venison, it's all about some stinky, good canned skunk.

These critters are going to make great sides for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Head on over to Amazon for your very own can of roadkill.

Skunk a'la King- Gag Can of Roadkill!

Just kidding, y'all. This can is the perfect gag gift for your favorite outdoorsman. Throw this gag can in your dad's or husband's Christmas stocking and watch him lose his mind. Once he realizes it's not made of real skunk, he'll be able to have a good ol' laugh.

Can you imagine if this was real skunk? The skunk smell would probably make your whole house reek. A five-star customer review says, "Very funny." Who are you pranking with the canned skunk gag gift? If you have a buddy who's willing to eat about just about anything you can hunt, I recommend pranking him with this gag can.

Oh, the look on his face when he sees the funny gag gift. The prank will be extra funny if he's a little gullible. I know we all have a friend who takes forever to catch onto jokes. If he's curious and picks up a can opener to see what's in it, the joke will end there. There's just composted organic material in it. (It's not edible.)

Surely he'll be relieved when he sees there isn't skunk meat in it. (Hopefully.) Your buddy will be able to keep the hilarious novelty gift in his cabin for fellow hunters to laugh at.

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